Glow in the Dark Signs

Glow in the Dark Signage is a great way to save on electricity and conform with building security codes. This also creates an awesome effect at night.  Glow in the dark ADA signage can help if there is a power outage, which we have been seeing alot of this past year with hurrincanes, earthquakes, and massive snow storms.  Also use in your skylight casing to light up your hallways at night. CHECK IT OUT!

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Step One Signs (about us)

Step One Signs is dedicated to professional signage! We have many years experience and have worked in almost every town in North Jersey, New York City, and Middlesex County.  Not only are we excellent at making signs, but also highly skilled in concept, design, printing, installation, and most importantly customer service.   Coming into this business you need a certain set of skills, knowing how to work well with small business owners, graphic design, basic construction, and the will to go the extra mile to meet the customers needs.  Good thing we have it all! Every project we do is […]

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